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Plume Upright Piano

  • Plume Upright Piano YY-DJ01

    Plume Upright Piano YY-DJ01

    Sense of science and technology is the artistic carrier showing people longing of future. Plume Intelligent Piano, is to realize images by sense of science and technology. From the changes of sense to the expansions of mind, nowadays, Plume Intelligent Piano becomes the unavoidable trend in music. The fashion series of Plume Piano, make people who love music can feel the touch and strength from heart in different views. As never seen before. Let us release together.

  • Plume Upright Piano YY-DJ02

    Plume Upright Piano YY-DJ02

    Bach, Mozart, Chopin, Liszt… they made each note singing. Plume Piano, has not only poetic feelings, but also modern, comfortable and perfect sound effects. ‘Musician’ is always loved by musicians. It likes one by one beautiful notes become melodies around the world.

    This art piece is called Plume YY-DJ02. With the high-grade PVC material to craft into this mirror like nicely black coated surface, everything looked just such well balanced and elegant. When you look at it, maybe it is more like a delicate art work, more than just a piano, an instrument.

  • Plume Upright Piano YY-DQN01

    Plume Upright Piano YY-DQN01

    Piano likes life,is a ditty that never ends.Each note, is flexible. Master,starts in one button,can make the fingers dancing on the exquisite keyboard, it is because of the’chip’ inside.Let us feel the ‘Master’ sound. After chastening, inspire the wonderful life by heart.